Dear Local Presidents,

First and foremost, thank you for your dedication to your union. The North Country Regional Office staff is here to assist and support local leaders and the membership they represent.

To that end, the North Country Regional Office in conjunction with the NYSUT Program Services Department has created the North Country Regional Office Presidents’ Resource Center. Our hope is that the information, documents, links and additional learning opportunities included in the Resource Center will further assist local presidents in day-to-day operations while also creating space to strengthen and build the capacity of their local unions.

In Solidarity,

Don Carlisto
Regional Staff Director

Local President Resources

Local President Academy

Online training workshops that provide brand new local presidents (within first 2 years) with the nuts and bolts of planning, scheduling, and executing the duties of the office of the president.

Useful Documents

A library of resources for local presidents that covers everything from union structure and governance, to organizing and legal information. 

Community Board

Stay connected with other new local presidents in the region. The North Country Local President Community Board is a place where you can ask questions, share ideas and offer support to others facing similar challenges.