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  • Do you work at a charter school?
    You deserve a union!

    New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) is one of the nation’s largest and most successful labor unions. Committed to improving education and healthcare statewide, NYSUT represents nearly 700,000 members in New York state schools, colleges and healthcare facilities 

Having a union gives you a voice. 

Unionized employees get: 

  • Higher pay 
  • Better health and retirement benefits 
  • Fairer workplace treatment  
  • Increased job security 
  • Access to professional development, discount programs and other union services 

Unionized employees have a say in: 

  • Curriculum decisions 
  • School conditions  
  • Classroom management  
  • State education policy  

Unionized employees help students: 

  • Your workplace is your students’ learning place.  
  • Advocating for school improvements benefits them too.  
NYSUT cares about helping ALL educators and students. 

Whether it’s a public school or a charter school, when teachers and school staff get the professional respect, support and compensation they deserve, everyone wins.  

  • NYSUT believes that some corporate charter school operators put profits ahead of students and staff.  
  • Top-down corporate mandates don’t always benefit you or your students.  
  • You know how to help your students succeed and deserve to be heard.  
  • Unionizing allows you to speak with a unified voice.  
I’m a charter school employee.
How can I form a union?

The first step is to fill out your information here. A NYSUT organizer will contact you to discuss the process of forming a union and answer any questions.

Read on to find out why these charter school professionals said “yes” to becoming NYSUT members.